Mr Rizwan : the Snake Catcher with a difference

Mr Md Rizwan, an illiterate beedi-worker, living in Jafarabad, is a snake catcher. Generally the Irula community in Tamil Nadu is known for catching snakes. But a Muslim with this tag is very surprising. He catches snakes, even the deadly poisonous ones, and even python, not because of any monetary gain its skin or its fat offers as the Irulas have been catching snakes for, but purely for the love he has for this creature of glossy scales. He says that all snakes found in and around Vaniyambadi are not poisonous. Except a few, many are non-poisonous, and people kill all the snakes out of misplaced fear. The aversion we have for snakes, he says, is the reason why we kill them the moment we see them. He says our children should be taught how beautiful snakes are and how important they are for farmers. Anybody who finds snake in their home or workplace can contact him. He catches the snake without harming it. Once a snakes' frail body is harmed, or even slightly wounded, it is very difficult for it to survive for long. He catches the snakes with much delicate care, and takes it to forest area and releases it there into its natural habitat. He can be contacted at any time of the day or night if you want to ease out this scaly creature out of your home or place of work. His contact number is 9843395476.

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