Last Looks

A side view shows the jumble of bones in the fossil dinosaur nest. Overall, the newfound nest is "an amazing, beautiful, gorgeous fossil," Fastovsky said.

Sandy Death: As seen above, all of the young Protoceratops in the newfound nest are facing the same direction, giving scientists a clue to how they died.

"Our scenario is that these things were pointed away from the wind as it was blowing during a sand storm, and then they were catastrophically buried by an encroaching dune," Fastovsky said.

"I think in this particular case, it really was dramatic—this fossil really records the last, bug-eyed, terrified minutes of their little lives." — in Mongolia.

"I think there's room in the world for really amazing fossils [like this one] to really bring home to people the significance of ancient life on Earth." — in Mongolia.

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