To ensure the smooth functioning of this forum, it is made compulsory for every member to adhere to the following guidelines.


1.       This group is a non-sectarian welfare forum and is meant for literary and information purpose only. Any post which divides Muslims on sectarian lines won’t be tolerated in forum.

2.       Membership of the forum is open for the residents of Vaniyambadi, whether they are current or past residents of Vaniyambadi or those who have extended families within the township regardless of their affiliations (or lack of it) with any group or masla, with an interest in Muslims’ development.

3.      All the moderators have a special privilege to add any famous, qualified, influential and beneficial personals in the forum, even if they are not related to Vaniyambadi in any way.

4.       Members will need to provide a known reference who testifies to the fact of his identity and to his  residency (or that of your extended family) in vaniyambadi.  

5.       Humiliating, insulting and rude postings will not be tolerated. The Administrators reserve the right to delete / edit post that is not courteous.

6.    All the members need to maintain certain basic human courtesy and respect for all members of this group0 and refrain from any personal and pointed references and public display of animosity between members of this group.

7.       Any member indulging in mischievous activities by contacting sisters from the forum or other members’ friends list will be immediately expelled without any warning.

8.       Sensitive Religious topics and discussions should be avoided. Many forums that subscribe to this are there on the web.

9.       Members can post their views / comments without any restrictions as long as they do NOT infringe on basic islamic etiquette and show respect to all members whether or not they agree to others’ points of views. Any member found to indulge in personal attacks and pointed references to any individual or organization will be warned and repea offenders will be expelled.

10.       Meaningless and sensless threads will be removed and should be avoided.

11.    All discussions or threads initiated in the group must fall under educational, political, social or economic state of affairs of Muslims in particular and Vaniyambadians in general.

12.   Care must be taken while addressing the issues pertaining to the woman. All members are expected not to malign the dignity and modesty of the woman while posting and commenting in any way. Even slightly indicative and suggestive views against the interest of women will be immediately removed without considering its positive results.

13.    Any thread initiated for financial help without moderators consent will not be entertained. If you need such help you may contact Moderators directly.

14.    Any thread promoting any organisation, political or non political will not be entertained in the forum.

15.    Any thread which does not have constructive focus will be deleted from the forum even if related to issues concerning Muslims.  

Also, while these guidelines cover most common situations, they cannot anticipate everything. Consequently, Moderators reserve the right to take any action they deem appropriate to ensure this forum is not disrupted or abused or misused in any way.

We also reserve the right to block anyone who willfully violates the forum rules, first block will be for 15 days, second block for 30 days and if the person is repeatedly violating these rules and regulation he/she will be banned permanently.

Please Note: These guidelines are compulsory. If you do not accept them or disagree to abide by them, you must not use this forum. Please remember this forum is free to use. We cannot offer a forum which is perfect for every individual user.

The Administrators reserve
1.    the right to admit/deny persons.
2.    the right to edit/delete/modify the rules and regulations.

Dated 4th Dec 2011
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