2003 Digital videodisk recorders (DVRs) are introduced
2003 IBM develops the smallest light-emitting transmitter, comprised of carbon nanotubes (CNTs)
2003 Apple computer releases laptops featuring 17- and 12-in. LCD screens
2003 Bandages are made from fibrinogen, a soluble protein found in blood
2004 The Blue Gene/L produced by IBM is able to perform 70.7 trillion calculations per second, making it the fastest computer in the world, to date
2004 The eyeware company Oakley develops sunglasses with a built-in audio player
2004 Apple releases the iPod mini – the size of a business card, but able to hold 1,000 songs
2004 Scientists are able to control polymorphism through crystallization within nanopores
2004 A compound in the shape of a Borromean knot is discovered, based on earlier theoretical simulations
2004 Nintendo releases the hand-held gaming system, Nintendo DS
· · · Monday at 10:48pm


2001 Digital satellite radio is developed by XM and Sirius
2001 SunClean self-cleaning glass is introduced by PPG Industries
2001 A wrinkle-free shirt is developed by Corpo Nove (Italy), consisting of Ti-alloy fibers interwoven with nylon
2001 The self-balancing personal transporter known as the Segway is invented
by Dean Karmen
2002 Clothing comprised of nanowhiskers is invented by Nano-tex, LLC to aid in stain resistance
2002 The lightest substance on Earth, known as Aerogels, is developed by NASA
2002 Scientists at SUNY, Buffalo, develop a new type of semiconducting material, GaSb/Mn, that will be used for future spintronics-based devices
2003 Scientists discover a method used to commercially produce spider-web silk
2003 Nanoparticles are used for the first time for clearcoat paint finishes (PPG – Ceramiclear™)
2003 Nanofilters are used to purity groundwater in Manitoba, Canada
· · · February 25 at 11:47am


1999 The chemical ingredient used by mussels to anchor themselves to rocks is discovered, and used to synthesize a waterproof adhesive
1999 Molecular-based logic gates are demonstrated to work better than silicon based gates – an important precedent in the development of a molecular computer
2000 Intel releases the Pentium IV microprocessor, consisting of 42 million transistors
2000 Motorola releases the i1000 Plus – the first cell phone capable of connecting to the internet
2000 Robotic pets (e.g., Poo-Chi, Tekno) are first introduced
2000 The first generation of “digital jukeboxes,” the AudioReQuest ARQ1, retails for $800 and is the first device capable of storing thousands of MP3 songs
2001 The AbioCor self-contained artificial heart is implanted into Robert Tools
2001 SmartShirt sensors, to record and report body diagnostics, are designed by SensaTex, Inc. and Georgia Tech Research Corporation
2001 The bioartificial liver is invented by Kenneth Matsumura
2001 A fuel-cell bicycle is developed by Aprilia
· · · February 23 at 10:07pm


1997 The digital video recorder (DVR) is invented by Jim Barton and Mike Ramsay, co-founders of Tivo, Inc.
1997 Nokia introduces the Nokia 9000i Communicator. This combines a digital cell phone, hand-held PC, and fax
1998 Motorola introduces Iridium service, the first global satellite-based wireless telephone service
1998 Adam Cohen (19 years old!) develops an “electrochemical paint brush” circuit that uses an STM probe to manipulate copper atoms on a silicon surface
1998 Apple computer introduces the iMac
1998 Geoffrey Ozin at the University of Toronto develops synthetic seashells from SiO2
1998 Toyota Motor Corporation releases the Prius – the first mass-produced
hybrid low-emission vehicle (LEV)
1998 Television stations in the US began to transition from analog to digital signals
1999 Danish physicist Hau is able to control the speed of light, useful for potential applications in communications systems and optical computers
1999 Safeco Field in Seattle opens, featuring a retractable roof, and extensive drainage lines and heating coils to maintain ideal turf conditions.
· · · February 22 at 10:33pm


1993 The Pentium processor is invented by Intel
1994 The first search engine for the World Wide Web is created by Filo and Yang
1994 Lyocell is introduced by Courtaulds Fibers, consisting of a material derived from wood pulp
1995 Nanoimprint lithography is invented by Stephen Chou at Stanford
1995 Digital Versatile Disk or Digital Video Disk (DVD) is invented
1996 The Nobel Prize in Chemistry is awarded to Richard Smalley, Robert Curl, and Harry Kroto for their 1985 discovery of the third form of carbon, known as buckminsterfullerene (“bucky balls”)
1996 WebTV is invented by Phillips
1996 The Palm Pilot is debuted by 3Com
1997 The gas-powered fuel cell is invented
· · · February 21 at 11:07pm


1988 A patent is issued for the Indiglo™ nightlight, consisting of electroluminescent phosphor particles
1989 High-definition television is invented
1989 NEC releases the first “notebook” computer, the NEC Ultralite
1989 A breathable, water- or wind-proof fabric, GORE-TEX®, is introduced
1989 The Intel 486 microprocessor is developed, featuring 1,000,000 transistors
1990 Biotextiles are invented in the US
1991 Iijima of NEC Corporation discovers carbon nanotubes
1991 Sony announces the first carbon anode based commercial Li-ion cell
1992 MiniDiscs (MDs) are introduced by Sony Electronics, Inc.
1992 Prof. Jerome Schentag invents a computer-controlled “smart pill,” for drug-delivery applications
· · · February 18 at 11:08pm


1982 The first “personal computer” (PC) is introduced by IBM
1982 Robert Denkwalter et al. from Allied Corporation are granted the first patent for dendrimers
1983 US phone companies begin to offer cellular phone service
1983 Steve Jobs of Apple introduces a new computer featuring the first graphical user interface (GUI), named The Lisa
1984 The CD-ROM is invented for computers
1984 The first clumping kitty litter is invented by biochemist Thomas Nelson
1985 Donald Tomalia and coworkers at Dow Chemical report the discovery of hyperbranched polymers, named dendrimers
1986 Synthetic skin is invented by Gregory Gallico, III
1987 Bednorz and Muller develop a material that is superconducting at _183_C
1987 Conducting polymers are developed by BASF
· · · February 15 at 10:20pm


1975 The laser printer is invented
1975 Robert S. Ledley is issued the patent for “diagnostic X-ray systems” (CAT scans)
1976 The inkjet printer is developed by IBM
1977 The Cray-1® supercomputer is introduced by Seymour Cray
1977 Electrically conducting organic polymers are synthesized by Heeger,
MacDiarmid, and Shirakawa (Nobel Prize awarded in 2000)
1978 An artificial heart, Jarvik-7, is invented by Robert Jarvik
1978 The first analog video optical disk player is introduced byMCADiscovision
1979 The first cassette Walkman TPS-L2 is invented by Masaru Ibuka of Sony
1980 Compact disk players are introduced by Philips
1981 The world’s largest solar-power generating station goes into operation (10 MW capacity)
1981 The scanning tunneling microscope (STM) is invented
· · · February 14 at 10:50pm


1970 The floppy disk (8 in.) is invented by Alan Shugart at IBM
1970 The first microfiber (polyester) is invented by Toray Industries in Japan; The first fabric comprised of microfibers, Ultrasuede, is also introduced
1971 The liquid crystal display (LCD) is invented by James Fergason
1971 The first single chip microprocessor, Intel 4004, is introduced
1971 The video cassette recorder (VCR) is invented by Charles Ginsburg
1971 Hydrogels are synthesized
1972 Motorola demonstrates the use of the first portable cellular phone
1973 The disposable lighter is invented by Bic
1973 Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is invented by Lauterbur and Damadian
1974 Post-it® notes featuring a low-residue adhesive is invented by 3M
· · · February 9 at 10:19pm


1965 A bulletproof nylon fabric, Kevlar, is invented at DuPont
1965 James Russell invents the compact disk
1965 Styrene–butadiene block copolymers are synthesized
1966 Fuel-injection systems for automobiles are developed in the UK
1966 Faria and Wright of Monsanto synthesize and test Astroturf
1967 Keyboards are first used for data entry, replacing punch cards
1968 Liquid crystal display is developed by RCA
1968 Allen Breed invents the first automotive air bag system
1969 The scanning electron microscope (SEM) is first used in laboratories to view cells in 3D
1969 George Smith and Willard Boyle invent charge-coupled devices (CCD) at Bell Labs
· · · February 4 at 9:48pm

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