Sharbat Gula: The Afghan Girl

Let's meet Sharbat Gula born 1972, famously known as The AFGHAN GIRL....

Gula was living as a refugee in Pakistan during the time of the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan when she was photographed. The image brought her recognition when it was featured on the cover of the June 1985 issue of National Geographic Magazine at a time when she was approximately 12 years old. Gula was known throughout the world simply as "the Afghan Girl" .

The photograph has been likened to Leonardo da Vinci's painting of the Mona Lisa] and is sometimes popularly referred to as "the Afghan Mona Lisa"..

The portrait by Steve McCurry turned out to be one of those images that sears the heart. Her eyes are sea green. They are haunted and haunting, and in them you can read the tragedy of a land drained by war.

For 17 years no one knew her name.....

In January 2002, a team from National Geographic Television & Film's EXPLORER brought McCurry to Pakistan to search for the girl with green eyes....

After searching for 6 days... they found her and she arrived... and met Steve..

She remembers the moment. The photographer took her picture. She remembers her anger. The man was a stranger. She had never been photographed before. Until they met again 17 years later, she had not been photographed since.

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