Story of a Muslim

This story is pretty long but still im insisting everyone to read it... it has touched my heart and i am sure the same will go for all of you...

Must read:

She said: Mohammed, I want you to become a Christian!!
البنت " يا محمد انا أر...يدك أن تكون مسيحي !!

In the Name of God the Most Compassionate the Most Merciful .

Mohammed boarded the plane... adjusted his seat and fastened his
seatbelt, He was an active attractive young man. He wasn't very
religious and had drifted away from the Lord Almighty...

The Plane took off.. Muhammad started thinking about his trip to the
United States of America, He will have the time of his life over
there...with all kinds of drinks, pubs, disco's and
addition to finding alot of girls the way he always dreamt about.
As he plans throughout the trip, he totally forgets the one that gave
him the strength and youth can also deprive him of them at any moment
He Arrived and rented an apartment and put his luggage and started the
tours as planned... He stayed up all night and slept all day... He
heard the Adhan (prayer calls) more than once at corners where
minority Muslims lived,but he never thought that this voice is calling

He Spent allot of money... He got so drunk he lost track of time and
was unaware of what was happening around him. Mohammed said: My life
has been this way fo a while until one night I entered a nightclub,
full of gorgeous girls, I asked for a drink and began drinking "I know
that God has forbidden alcoholic drinks" But, my lust and ego in
addition to the clemency (mercy) of my Lord made me forget this fact.
I saw a charming young lady with dazzling beauty as she came up to me
with looks of lust and desire. She got closer , gave me her hand and
threw herself at me.True, I have disobeyed God allot, But my feelings
at that moment...were totally different. She had arab features and to
my surprise, she spoke to me with broken Arabic.

She Said: Are you an Arab?? I answered: Yes She said: me too... i'm
an American citizen... I was born here She asked: What is your name? I
said: Mohammed She replied: I do not like this name. I said: Why? She
answered: Because I’m.....Christian Suddenly i felt my body repelling
her... My heart has felt her animosity to Islam But this does not
affect me... from all the desires that filled and covered my heart. I
Smiled. and changed the subject I said: Would you like to dance? She
Said: Yes.
We Danced, The hours passed , I asked her to leave with me... But she
refused. I tried more than once... So that she would surrender herself
to me, but she refused.

I left that night and her picture would not leave my head, i would
see that gorgeous lady wherever i looked, My heart became too weak,
because is was far from the Almighty God The second night passed...
then the third... Everyday i get more attached to her and desired her
more and more... until a disaster happened: I spoke to her one night
and told her: I want you to sleep at my place tonight. She Said: I
don't mind. But On one condition;......!

Condition ? what ?...!

Put this on and she pulled a chain out of her pocket with a cross in
it, I started getting a strange feeling, I know I am a sinner,
although I don't pray and haven't seen my parents for months, But i am
still a Muslim !! BUT, having her is above everything...I rushed and
took the chain... And put it on around my neck like a prisoner,
She said astonished: Oh... that's beautiful... it's my gift to you,
but... you have to wear it whenever you meet me.

Unbelievable..!nights passed with this gorgeous babe, beautiful
times... Satan made her even more and more attractive in my eyes. One
night she refused to come with me, I needed her so much... I tried to
beg her, i even tried to seduce her with money She said: NO...
Honestly, I want you to become a Christian.

Oh my God... O God, Her words shocked me... I said: Impossible
She said: so it's impossible for us to continue with this relationship
after tonight.

Satan started playing with my mind: "Say yes!! Say OK!! that won't
hurt you.. Say you will disbelieve in Islam " it won't harm you...
this girl will please you” I left it at that, the night passed ... The
second day... I found her more attractive and more beautiful, She got
closer... Until her face was so close to mine And said: Oh, you are
ruthless... Don’t you feel the love? I melted like a candle by her
words and almost fell. I said: of-course i do... why do you think i’m
suffering? She Said: What prevents you from being a Christian? I will
marry you here if you become a Christian!! I broke down, all my
determination and beliefs are being tested, I started forgetting
everything; I forgot that my name is "Mohammed" the name of the
"Messenger of Allah peace be upon him" I forgot my father who used to
wake me up when I was in school for Fajr prayer I forgot my mother who
prayed for my guidance everytime i enter the house late at night I
forgot myself. I have become a slave to the love and passion of this

I accepted, went with her, shaved my head and thin lined beard , And
became a Christian... I Entered the church for the first time, I cried
endlessly as i entered through the doors, the tears i cried were "my
faith" leaving my body!! O God...After all of this.... How can i do
such a thing? And what will my punishment be? Hell!!

O God...Where is my fear and love for God?!? am i that shameless? what
has happened to my pride of my religion?! Everything is gone after
today... Like a mad man I went back to my apartment...rubbing my bald
head.. Shouting: What have you done, O Mohammed!?!? have you left the
religion of Mohammed??! I started crying like a baby, closed the door
of my apartment and drowned in the my tears. Satan came to me and
said: "There is no way back, Mohammed...No way to return you are now a
non-muslim a "Kafir" (disbeliever) and you will die as a

I remembered my grandfather when he used to call the adhan for
prayers... I remembered my Quran that was always in my room.... ooh! I
remembered a friend of mine that used to warn and advise me by saying:
O Muhammad... Beware of the bad ending...dying on the wrong path.

I started to scream and shouted: Noooooo, Oh God...Nooo.. Oh God!
PLEASE do not take my soul now! I will return to Islam! I will get
back to the Quran! I will get back to you Allah!

I rushed to the bathroom... threw the cross and had a shower to
purify me from all the filth i was in and got ready for prayer. As i
came out... I felt that all my sins has been rinsed and a wight has
been removed off my back, tears would not stop falling like raindrops
and i said:

"Ashadu anna la ilaha illa allah wa ashhadu anna muhammad rasoolu allah "

I certify that there is no god but Allah and I bear witness that

Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of God"

O God, how sweet are these words, It is truly the key of happiness, Oh
Allah I am returning to you, I am returning to my prayers, I am
returning to obeying my parents, I am returning to keeping intact the
ties of kinship, I am returning to fasting, I am returning all the
good deeds you have asked of us muslims, O Allah.

I took the first plane to go back to my country, the first thing I
heard the moment i arrived at the airport Is the call for prayer
"Adhan" Tears fell uncontrollably..."Will Allah forgive me"? I went to
my mother, I threw myself on her shoulder and just cried, Oh Mother...
I will never disobey my Lord, O mother forgive my disobedience.
She hugged me tight and said: "My dear boy... Be good to Allah and
obey Him... He is merciful...and accepts repentance. Days passed and
Mohammed's life is moving from good to better and his soul is filled
with happiness, He only suffers whenever he remembers that trip.
Everyday his mother would come to his room at night and hear him
crying, reading the Quran or seeking forgiveness "istighfar and duaa"

One day his mother went to his room to wake him for Fajr (Morning)
prayer, Opened the door,she inhaled a beautiful scent that she had
never known. She put her hands on the bed trying to feel her son, bur
he wasn't in his bed, She looked across the room with her weak sight
and saw him in a "sujood"(prostration) knelt position on the prayer

She stood staring at him and waiting.... she waited too long She
Called: Mohammed.. my son. He did not raise his head.
His mother Approached him... Reached out and moved him..he fell on
his side... She couldn't believe it or bear this situation.Could it
be? could her son have died knelling in his prayer?! She couldn't bear
watching this spectacular and difficult scene... Heavy tears came out
of her eyes She called:: Hey boys girls !! O people of the house ... O
People of the house Look at your brother "Mohammed" move him, shake
him!!! O Mother!!! said his younger brother: My brother Mohammed has
died... He died kneeling! She knew that the scent she had smelt of a
pure soul brought by the angels of mercy that took his pure spirit to
his lord and master whom was proud to have this clean soul returned to
its creator... And Allah gave him a good ending. He loved Allah and
Allah loved him.

Congratulations, O Mohammed, this is love.. Congratulations for this
ending... What do you think brothers and sisters? Let's all pledge: To
only love and do what pleases Allah and to hate what the almighty
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