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BORN: having started life
BORNE: carried
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Practice & Practise:

Practice: the use of an idea or method; the work or business of a doctor, dentist, etc.
Practise: to do something repeatedly to gain skill; to do something regularly
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Aisle & Isle:

Aisle: a passage between rows of seats
Isle: an island

All together & Altogether:

All together: all in one place, all at once
Altogether: completely; on the whole
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Meter vs Metre:

METER: a measuring device
METRE: a metric unit; rhythm in verse
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Deserts and Desserts:

Most English speakers understand that deserts, with the accent on the first syllable, are a dry, arid lands, while desserts, with the accent on the second syllable, are a sweet things to eat after a meal.

What is often confused is that when one gets what one is deserves, good or bad, one is getting one's "just deserts," accent on the second syllable but spelled like the dry, arid lands.
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Affect and Effect - Differences

These words are commonly confused, and the rules given to tell them apart are often wrong. Affect means "to influence" or "to produce an effect in." Effect means "consequence" or "that which is produced by an agent or cause."

Affect has an effect ................
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Adapter vs Adaptor:

Though most grammarians agree that either spelling can be used for both the person who adapts and the device that adapts, there are some grammarians and dictionaries that suggest that the spelling ‘adapter’ is used for a person who adapts and the spelling ‘adapter’ or ‘adaptor’ is used for a device that adapts...
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Difference between NOW and KNOW:

now = presently, immediately, at once
know = recognize, experience, realize, discern

Now is referring to time. For example "Let's go now."
Know is like knowledge of something. "I know the answer."

Now we KNOW what they both really mean .....
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